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Where Paper Shredding For Free

Where Paper Shredding For Free

(The article ends with the dates and locations of free shredding services by state in the US for 2023)

     In recent years, there has been an increase in personal information breaches in the United States, with crooks stealing your personal information through people's discarded credit cards, bills and company documents in order to commit fraud against you and your family. People now also buy home shredders to dispose of their documents, but most home shredders are expensive, with those from Fellowes costing upwards of $400. There are of course some cheaper, cost-effective shredders on the market, with their small home shredders costing around $50 and heavy duty shredders costing only around $150, which is less money than if you just rented the shredders.

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    Free shredding services are generally provided by local communities, charities, organisations and businesses, while some office supply shops may also offer paid shredding services. Due to the high volume of people requiring free shredding services, most free shredding services will only help you with a fixed weight of documents and you will need to take your documents to a designated location, making shredding very inconvenient. If you have a lot of paperwork to deal with on a daily basis then it is advisable to purchase a private home office shredder.

Where should you go to find the free shredder service if you need to find one near you?

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1. Office supply shops

    Some office supply shops offer a paper and document shredding service, which is very useful for those who do not have a personal shredder, but of course, most of them charge a fee for shredding (between $10-$100 per shred). You can search in the Yelp to find an office supply shop near you that offers shredding services.

    However, there is a downside to shredding through office supply shops and that is that when you shred in such shops, you cannot guarantee that your document information is absolutely safe, your personal information can go through many hands before it is finally shredded and you never know what they will do with those shredded documents. Often your information is not shredded immediately, it can sit in the shop for days or weeks and you never know what will happen in the meantime!

bonsaii office supply shops

2. Community shredding events

    Community shredding events are held from time to time in many cities across the US, most are free or require a small charitable donation. Compared to office supply shop shredding services, community shredding events typically shred documents on the same day, and some community shredding events also typically limit the amount of time and weight of paper you can shred due to the large number of people attending. If you're trying to get rid of months of piles of documents through a community shredding event, it's not possible, it's not just only service for you.

    So community shredding events are not perfect, some communities may only hold one a year and you may have to wait a long time for a free community shredding event, you will also need to load your documents in your car and drive a long time to get to the event, so it is inconvenient to attend that type of event.

bonsaiishop free shredding event

3. Use the personal shredder

    Due to the limitations of free shredding services, more and more American families are choosing to spend tens of dollars on their own home office shredder. A private shredder is much more convenient, you don't have to wait, you can shred your credit cards and bills from your bedroom and living room. And with so many cheaper and better shredders are sold online, using a personal home shredder will save you money compared to renting a shredder!

personal home Office Shredder

    Finally, we have aggregated the times and locations of the free shredding service in each city in 2023, so you can choose the nearest service location to shred your documents as needed.

      Free Shredder Service in Every US State--2023

 New York:

adress: Behind the Recreation Center at 970 Peconic Lane in Peconic, Town of Southold

Date: 2023/04/08,  2023/07/08,  2023/11/08   9:00 am – 1:00 pm


adress: Earth Products Yard, 4300 29th St S, 22206, Arlington County

Date: first saturday of every month


Adress: Material Recovery Facility located at 420 Century Court, Franklin,Williamson County

Date:Every Tuesday from 8:30 am----3 pm

Adress: City of Fort Worth

1, Brennan Drop-Off Station, 2400 Brennan Ave

2, Southeast Drop-Off Station, 5150 Martin Luther King Freeway

3, Old Hemphill Road Drop-Off Station, 6260 Old Hemphill Road

4, Hillshire Drop-Off Station (Northside Collection Center), 301 Hillshire Drive

Date: every day

Adress: 4846 Cranswick Rd, Houston(Not Free)

Date: Wednesdays and Fridays, 3PM-5PM


City:San Francisco


1, 222 Mason St San Francisco

2, 2950 Buskirk Ave Ste 300 Walnut Creek

3, 1461 Eastshore Hwy Berkeley


Adress: 501 Bay Isles Rd Longboat Key, Town Hall

Date: 2023/03/10 9:00 AM----12:00 PM

Adress:1551 Starkey Rd, Starkey Road Collection Center

Date: 2023/04/15 9:00 AM----12:00 PM

Adress:1551 Starkey Rd, Starkey Road Collection Center

Date:2023/11/14 9:00 ---12:00 PM


Adress:Mcnicholas HIgh School, Hamilton County

Date: 2023/04/22 9:00 AM----12:00 PM


Adress: 635 Illick's Mill Rd. Bethlehem, PA 18017

Adress: Gettysburg Borough Public Works Building, 457 East Middle Street, Gettysburg, PA 17325

Date: 2023/05/19

New Jersey

Somerset County

Adress Detail: (

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