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what to do when your paper shredder stops working

What to do when your paper shredder stops working

     When you are using a shredder to process documents, if the shredder suddenly breaks down and stops working, after emptying the shredder bin, restarting the shredder will still do nothing and you will be instantly distracted by the mountains of documents.

    Shredders, like other home office appliances, can malfunction and stop working when used for long periods of time or when they are not operated properly, but this does not mean that it is broken, and most shredder problems can be easily fixed. So how should we check it for specific problems and fix it.

    Don't worry, follow bonsaii now for a quick check of common shredder problems and fix it.

What to do when your paper shredder stops working

1. If the shredder will not turn.

    In this case, first you should check if your power outlet is working properly, if you are using the shredder for the first time, then note if the switch on the back of the shredder is on and the switch is toggled to "-", if the power switch is all right, then check if the shredder bin is fully closed, if the shredder bin is not fully closed, this will result in the bin catch not triggering the shredder safety device, resulting in the shredder not being able to turn on and work.

Paper Shredder fail to turn on

2. Check for paper jams on the shredder cutter.

    Paper jam problems are the most common problem with shredders and cleaning up jams is very simple.

  • press "reverse" to see if the machine can exit the paper.

  • after the power failure, see if you can pull the paper up directly.

  • if it cannot be pulled out, you need to open the front cover with a screwdriver, pull the paper jam down with a clip, or clean up the paper scraps with a brush.

    Remember to clean the shredder blades with a lubricant sheet or oil. This will help to remove any debris that may be causing the blades to stick.

paper Shredder jammed

3. Check if the shredder indicator light is normal.

    Prolonged use of the shredder may cause the shredder to overheat and the overheat light will always be on, at this point you will need to stop using the shredder and let the machine cool down before working on it. Alternatively, if the shredding overload light is flashing, you will need to check if the knives are jammed or the number of shreds in a single pass exceeds the machine limit. At this time, you need to clean the knives first and reduce the number of paper in a single shredding.

shredder indicator light

    If after checking and fixing the shredder after the steps above, it still does not work, please do not worry and find bonsaii after-sales repair service directly by email. and Walmart after-sales support at:   

 Amazon after-sales support at:    

  • Please provide your ORDER ID.

  • Please provide a short video to show the issue so that our maintainer could analyze better with the visual illustration.

  • Please provide a close-up picture to show the paper-inlet area and the blade area.

    We will have a 24 hour after sales support department at your disposal and if we confirm that the shredder failure cannot be repaired and your shredder is within the one year free warranty period, we will contact you to resend you a new shredder.

bonsaii Shredder support service

    Finally, we recommend that when you use your shredder, please follow the manufacturer's guidelines for paper capacity and use. Avoid shredding materials that are not intended for shredding, such as metal credit cards, newspaper, or thick cardboard. And always keep your shredder clean and well-maintained by oiling it regularly and clearing out any debris.

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