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Welcome to Bonsaii !

Founded in March 2005, Bonsaii has revolutionized the industry and established authority in paper-shredding equipment production and supply. As part of Bonsen Electronic, LTD., all Bonsaii products are backed by a strong parent company with deep roots in bringing quality electronics and equipment to buyers worldwide.  


Bonsaii manufactures only the best paper shredders. Our strict quality control standards have earned us a reputation among our clients as a leading provider of safe, reliable products that continually exceed expectations. We can generate such a high caliber of the product due to our many international quality assurance systems and an intricate, in-house test lab. Before any paper shredder is cleared for shipping, it must meet rigorous control standards across a series of performance and operability benchmarks.   

Bonsaii is more than just a paper shredding appliance brand; it’s a symbol of dependability. Much like the Japanese tree after which we are named, our journey has been carefully crafted to fit the space we occupy. We are renowned in our market and continue to serve our customers with the same passion and commitment as we have since day one.  

Our Vision

In the beginning, our Bonsaii founders knew they wanted this company to be great. But few among us realized how successful the brand would become. Now, a little over fifteen years later, we’re confident in our potential. We are firm in our resolve to continue to push the limits, finding new and exciting ways to craft appliances that make our lives easier. 

Where will we be in another fifteen years? It’s hard to say. But we see ourselves continuing to grow, improving our product options along the way, and never failing to deliver on the quality and value our customers have come to expect.    

Our Values

All reputable brands adhere to a living, breathing set of core values. Bonsaii is no different. Our staff embraces corporate values as a code of honor, weaving them into the fabric of their everyday work routines. 

We strongly believe that we cannot deliver on our promise of continued success without values that reflect our mission and our people. So, to solidify the foundation upon which we create our excellent products, we adhere to the following set of values:

• Service: Whether it’s to our customers, to our communities, or each other, we place our service-oriented mindset at the top of the list of our most important values. 

• Authenticity: Too many brands make their way by over-promising and under-delivering. We stay true to who we are, focusing on the products we know best to bring you the greatest paper shredders and office appliances money can buy.

• Excellence: In both our products and our actions, Bonsaii maintains a firm commitment to excellence in all we do. 

What Makes Us Stand Out

Bonsaii is a cut above the rest when it comes to paper shredding appliance production and supply. Our success entirely reflects our products’ value and the firmness with which we stand behind them. With Bonsaii, you get:

A production powerhouse, consisting of over 200 appliance and appliance part patents.

 Unbeatable warranties, during the one-year period, we can perform after-sales operation for free as long as the machine has manufacturing defects.

Customizable designs, all assembled with proprietary Bonsaii OEM parts.

A massive manufacturing footprint across China, Vietnam, and other countries, occupying more than 30% of the industry’s market share.

Our spotless reputation as one of the best online retailers in the space.


We are committed not only to bringing you the paper shredders, but also the best guard for your confidential information and the best junkmail killer to rid clutter and fire hazzards.

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