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Is shredding paper good for the environment

Is Shredding Paper Good For The Environment?

As the global environment becomes more and more critical, global warming has sparked concerns about the natural environment, especially on June 8, when the entire northeastern cities of the United States were shrouded in an unhealthy haze, and the mountain fires in Canada, which lasted for over a month, sparked concerns about the natural environment, maybe you're thinking right now: Hey, man, what can I do about this right now? Is my shredder good for the environment?

It is well known that complete paper recycling allows for resource reuse. 26% of total landfill waste is currently paper, and recycling and disposing of this paper can be a great way to protect our environment.

Is it possible to recycle shredded paper?

The answer is yes, but only if your city and community have a dedicated paper recycling organization to help you dispose of the shredded paper, otherwise you will have to throw it away and it will end up being incinerated by the waste disposal company, which does not help the environment in this way.

What happens to the paper that is recycled?

Recycled paper is used to make pulp (an easier process if you have already shredded the paper with a shredder), which can then be used to remove color and ink to produce glossy paper, writing paper, letterpress paper, toilet paper, cardboard, or blended into newsprint.

Does shredding manufacturing mean more wasted energy?

According to a study done by the University of Connecticut, an ordinary shredder consumes about 200W of power, Fellowes and Bonsaii shredders may consume less energy, which seems to waste more energy and resources, but shredding will make waste paper disposal easier, and waste paper disposal companies can easily process shredded paper into pulp, thus saving more energy.

What are the benefits of shredding?

1.Protect your personal information

Using a shredder to shred documents that contain important information is the reason most people use shredders, which prevents privacy leaks and the theft of information that could threaten your property and the security of your information.

2.Good for the environment

If you often need to use shredded paper as compost material, then using a shredder will be a good choice for you. It is very good for the environment, the shredded paper will be easily broken down by microorganisms and absorbed by your plants, promoting healthy and green plant growth, using compost to dispose of paper is a good all-natural way.

In the face of the increasingly serious ecological environment, each of us should do our part to protect the environment, using a shredder to dispose of waste paper is one way, but of course, we also encourage you to travel and live green and do more things that are good for the environment, I believe these things will be more useful than using a shredder to protect the environment.


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