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Bonsaii Best Jam Proof Paper Shredder 2023

2023 Bonsaii Best Jam Proof Paper Shredder

     Shredders have become an indispensable piece of office equipment in American homes, as more and more Americans are using them to keep their personal or business information safe from leaks. Of course, while people enjoy the convenience of shredders, they also encounter a variety of problems when using them, the most common of which is paper shredder jams.

     Paper jams account for more than 80% of the total number of shredder problems reported by Bonsaii shredder users. Shredder jams are a common problem for all shredder users and can be caused by a variety of reasons: forgetting to oil the shredder, overloading the shredder, using the shredder for a long time causing the machine parts to age, not cleaning the shredder in time, etc.(How to unjam a Paper shredder)

    Shredder jams are the easiest of all shredder problems to fix, but they are also the most troublesome thing. With the development of shredder production technology, Bonsaii have slowly developed shredders with anti jam systems that greatly reduce the emergence of shredder jam problems.

Bonsaii Best Jam Proof Paper Shredder

    Now, I will introduce you to several shredders that are more mature in anti jam technology. These shredders are summarised on the basis of data collected from a large number of shredder users' feedback and are the more popular shredders on the shredder market.

The C149-C shredder is by far Bonsaii's best value for money and is Bonsaii's most popular shredder, with other shredders costing almost 2-3 times as much as the C149-C out of all the "18-sheet cross-cut 60-mins" shredders. It also has a large 6-gallon bin for home and office use, an Anti-Jam system that automatically pauses when a paper jam is detected, and an "REV" function that allows you to easily clear jams, It is the best choice of Bonsaii home office shredder.

C149-C Jam Proof Paper Shredder

The Bonsaii 3S30 shredder is bonsaii's hottest selling heavy-duty business shredder. Its high sheet capacity (20-sheet), long working time (120-mins) and large 8-gallon capacity bin make it Bonsaii's most powerful cross-cut shredder. It is also the favourite cardboard shredder of Bonsaii shredders. It has an overheat and overload function in addition to a jam proof system to give you more safety and peace of mind when using the shredder

3S30 Jam Proof commercial office Shredder

The C169-B is one of America's favorite home shredders. At only 20.78 inches (20.78*14.68*11.29), it is a 14-page heavy-duty cross-cut shredder for home use with a 5-gallon pull-out bin that is powerful enough to shred credit cards, staples, CDs/DVDs and Junk Mails. Noise index 58dB, silent shredding. More peace of mind in use.

C169-B 14-sheet shredder for home use

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