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Cross-cut vs Micro-cut shredder – Which shredder is more suitable for you?

Cross-cut VS Micro-cut shredder

---Which shredder is the best for you?

     Cross-cut and micro-cut shredders are the two most common types of shredder cuts, and understanding the differences between cross-cut and micro-cut shredders will help you to more accurately select the right shredder for the job. Here are a few of the most obvious differences between cross-cut and micro-cut shredders.

Cross-cut VS Micro-cut


The shredder has a relatively low level of confidentiality, with DIN security levels for cutting particles mainly between P3-P4, with medium levels of confidentiality and data security, and is suitable for use in homes and general offices where Low information security requirements.

Micro-cut shredders have a higher secrecy level, with DIN security levels between P4 and P7 for cutting particles and a high level of secrecy and data security, and are suitable for use in commercial offices and government offices where a high level of information security is required.

Shredder Security Level


Cross-cut shredders are less confidential than micro-cut shredders ,so the shredded particles are more readable and Cross-cut shredders will have larger shredded particles, the scrap of paper will take up more space, so if disposal space is a key factor to you, then a micro-cut shredder is more appropriate. Of course you also need to consider that the smaller the shredded particles the worse it is to handle, especially in winter when it is more likely to stick to the top of your clothes and be difficult to get off.

Cutting sheet capacity


The cross-cut shredder, although it does not have the same confidentiality rating or cutting sheet Volume as the micro-cut shredder, is more efficient as far as cutting speed is concerned, and the cross-cut shredder can process more documents in the same amount of time. Conversely, a micro-cut shredder will shred paper a little more slowly as it has to shred each sheet into very small particles.


Generally speaking, the higher the cutting accuracy of the shredder, the greater the complexity of the machine parts and the sharpness of the knives required, which means that the need for care and maintenance will be greater. Therefore, micro-cut shredders should be used with more care and must be lubricated before each use to keep the machine in top condition, whereas cross-cut shredders only need to be lubricated twice a month.


For the same number of sheets shredded, the same working time and the same machine power, the price of a micro-cut shredder will be higher compared to a cross-cut shredder.

If you do not require a high level of information security for your shredder and only use it for home or general office use, then you are advised to use a cross-cut shredder, which is highly efficient, more affordable and also has a medium level of confidentiality, making it difficult for your personal information to leak.

If you work for a government agency and require a very high level of confidentiality, then you don't have to hesitate to buy a micro-cut shredder as your best choice.

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