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Can Paper Shredder Shred Credit Cards?

Can a shredder shred credit cards, plastic, cardboard and staples?

Can a shredder shred credit cards, plastic, cardboard and staples?

Can paper shredder shred credit cards?

Keeping credit card information security is critical for personal and business,people often need to discard expired and unusable credit cards, but if you just discard credit cards that are not shredded, it will mean that your personal information will be easily available to be stolen. So in the US, the safest way to process credit cards is to use a shredder.

Most medium and large shredders can safely shred credit cards and other plastic cards you want to throw away. Before shredding credit cards, it is recommended that you clean the shredder blades of paper debris , and then putting the credit card into the paper shredding portal to shred it and prevent the shredder from jamming during the shredding process.(of course, some shredders will be equipped with special credit card shredding slots, which will make your shreddering safer.)

(Note: Do not use the shredder to shred metal credit cards)

Can paper shredder shred credit cards

Can paper shredder shred plastic?

No, don't use a home office shredder to shred plastic unless you want your shredder to be obsolete. Common home office shredders can only shred paper, CDs, DVDs, credit cards and staples, and some Bonsaii shredders can even shred cardboard (3S30). But if you want to shred plastic, you must use a heavy-duty industrial shredder with industrial-grade cutting blades and strong motor.

Comparing home office shredders and plastic shredders, you can see that the blades and motors of these two types of shredders are completely different, and industrial grade plastic shredders have specially designed, durable blades. So to keep your shredder from stopping working, do not use it to cut plastic.

Can paper shredder shred plastic

Shredders are usually used to cut paper. Even many low to mid-range shredders can handle some other things such as credit cards, CDs/DVDs, cardboard, etc. So, as a general rule, at least 12-sheets shredders are good enough for light cardboard shredding jobs.

If you plan to use a shredder to shred cardboard for composting, then it is best to use a heavy-duty shredder.A 12 sheet shredder is the minimum requirement for shredding cardboard, it is recommended to have a shredder with at least 18 to 24 sheets or a heavy duty shredder is best for cardboard shredding.

Not all shredders with more than 12 sheets can shred cardboard. It is recommended to carefully read the shredder's function manual or ask the shredder manufacturer before shredding. Even though some home office shredders can shred cardboard, using a home office shredder to shred cardboard on a regular basis can damage the shredder cutter and make it easier to jam and eventually make the shredder broken.

cardboard paper shredders

Can paper shredders shred staples?

Professional shredders can easily shred staples and paper clips, and you don't need to waste time removing them.

But not all types and brands of shredders are capable of shredding staples.

Shredding staples requires the use of a heavy-duty shredder, and fortunately, almost all shredders from BONSAII can shred staples and paper clips, saving you time and hassle and really keeping your documents information safe.

Staples paper shredder

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