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Why my paper shredder stopped working

Why my paper shredder stopped working and How to fix it

      Paper shredder can be an excellent investment for your home or office, using a shredder to shred credit cards or private documents can be a good way to keep your information safe and prevent your private information from being leaked. However, when we use shredders, we often encounter the problem that the shredder does not work. The following is a summary of several common reasons and solutions for the shredder not working.

Why my paper shredder stopped working

Check if the shredder is plugged in correctly

1, if the shredder does not open properly, please first confirm that the shredder power and socket is connected properly, and start the switch at the back of the machine.

2, Check if the shredder wastebin is fully closed.If the trash can is not fully closed, it will prevent the trash can from triggering the shredder security interlock device, resulting in the shredder not opening.

Paper shredder won’t turn on

If the shredder is turned on normally, but the shredder stopped working

1, if the power light flashes, Check if the waste bin is full, empty the shredder wastebin first and push the bin to a completely closed state.

2, Check if the shredder is overloading, if the overload light is flashing, check if the paper inlet and blades are jammed with paper dust, or reduce the number of shreds.

3, Check if the shredder is overheating, Overheating light flashes, indicating that the shreder has been working for more than the maximum continuous shredding time, in this case, please stop using the shredder and let the shredder cool down 30-60 minutes (cooling time please read the shredder user manual, different shredder cooling time varies).

Paper shredder overloading & overheating

If the shredder indicator lights are all normal, but the shredder won’t take in any paper at all


     In this case, Check if your shredder is jammed or clogged, clear the shredder of paper scraps by trying to open the front cover with a screwdriver, pull the paper jam down with a clip, or clean up the paper scraps with a brush,Oil the machine at the same time to ensure that the shredder cutters and gears are well lubricated, then inspect the shredder as follows

1, Check if the shredder motor is faulty. If you can not hear the shredder motor working, the shredder motor may be faulty, you can contact the shredder customer support for repair (Bonsaii shredder 1 year free warranty).

2,Check if the light control sensors are faulty. If the motor works normally, the shredder "REV" function stops working, the "AUTO" function can not shred, it may be a shredder light control sensor failure, in this case, please first wipe clean the shredder into the paper port, if the shredder still does not work after wiping clean, please contact customer support for repair. If the machine forward and reverse function is abnormal, it is possible that the shredder blades or gears are stuck.

shredder won’t take in any paper

The paper shredder has burning smell and makes a lot of noise

      In addition, if your shredder smokes during use with a burning smell, please first check whether the shredder indicator is normal, if the indicator and shredder motor are normal and the burning smell disappears after a period of use, the shredder can be used normally.

If the shredder smoke at the same time, the indicator and motor does not work, the shredder motor or circuit may be faulty, please immediately power off and stop using, and contact customer support for repair.

      If your shredder becomes slower, noisier, and less shredded after a certain period of time, it is recommended to lubricate the shredder, please refer to the article "when to oil paper shredder" for shredder oil usage instructions.

shredder has burning smell

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