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when to oil paper shredder

When To Oil Paper Shredder---Learn in a minute

when to oil paper shredder

Why do paper shredders need oil

1. In order to better maintain your shredder and improve the service life of the shredder, it is very important to oil the shredder regularly.

Especially for heavy-duty shredders and micro-cut shredders, due to the very high shredding volume of heavy-duty shredders (the maximum number of sheets shredded by heavy-duty shredders is more than 12) and long running time.

2. if the shredder is not oiled in a timely manner, the shredder knives will be severely worn due to heavy cutting work, resulting in shredding knives that are not sharp, cutting difficulties and causing paper jams.

3. Micro-cut shredders require frequent oiling due to its smaller shredding size, finer cutting work. So small particle cut shredders and high security machines require frequent oiling to reduce knife and gear wear and keep the machine running at maximum efficiency, thus extending the life of the machine.

why do paper shredders need oil

You may often ask "why my shredder not working"

In addition to checking for excessive paper loading when shredding and the correct material being shredded, you should also check that the shredder is regularly oiled. If you do not oil your shredder regularly, you may find that your shredder starts to accumulate paper dust, begins to process fewer sheets of paper at a time, slower shredding rate and greater shredding noise. In the end you will experience more frequent paper stuck and even cause the Shredder not working.

why my shredder not working

When to oil paper shredder

Regularly oiling your bonsaii shredder maximizes performance and extends shredder life.To better maintain your shredder by using this lubricant sheet minimum 2 times per month or after every 30-minute shredding(Works great with all paper shredder).

You can buy shredder lubricant Oil directly or use the shredder lubricant sheets to oil the shredder

So how to oil shredder by using shredder lubricant Oil or shredder Lubricant Sheets?

Oiling shredder by shredder lubricant Oil:

1. Apply the lubricant oil onto a piece of paper.

2. Fold the oiled paper.

3. Shred the oiled paper.

shredder lubricant Oil
shredder Lubricant Sheets

Oiling shredder by shredder Lubricant Sheets:

1. Feed one lubricant sheet directly into shredder feed entry to shred it just like a piece of paper.

2. After the sheet has been completely shredded, set shredder into reverse for 10 seconds to complete the lubrication process.

3. If shredder feed entry is wider than this sheet, use additional sheets to ensure the entire blades is covered and therefore lubricated evenly.

4. Then the shredder is ready for use again. 

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