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Why my paper shredder stopped working

Why my paper shredder stopped working

Paper shredder is a good machine that can help our personal and document information under wraps. Nevertheless, no matter home, office or business paper shredders may encounter situations where the machine does not work. Paper shredder stops working most likely due to when used for long periods of time or when they are not operated properly, but it doesn't mean that it is broken. There are some common problems and several ideas on how to fix them.

1. The shredder will not be turn on

Firstly, you should check if your power outlet is working properly. For the first time using the shredder for the first time, then note if the switch on the back of the shredder is on that is the switch to "-". After that, check if the shredder bin is fully closed. If the shredder bin is not fully closed, it wouldn't trigger the shredder safety device, resulting in the home office shredder not being able to turn on and work.

2. The machine suddenly stops in the middlle of a job

If this occurs, the home shredder might need a break. Most of the paper shredders can need as many as 20 minutes of cooling time before they’re ready to go again. Take the bonsaii paper shredder, it offers several shredder models to choose from, with a maximum of 60 minutes of continuous operation. The shredder machine may stop running if it runs continuously for longer than this period of time. In this case, you should check if the machine's run time has exceed the standard time and need a rest. Apart from this, the heavy duty paper shredder is stuck or if the trash basket is full which is also a factor to be considered. Many machines will cease operating when the bin fills up to give you a chance to empty it.

3. There is a paper jam

Papar jam is the most common problem with the shredder and the solution of it is very easy. Most jams can be cleared up by simply running the machine in reverse and removing the paper. If the paper cannot be removed, you could open the front cover with a screwdriver and pull the paper jam down with a clip, or clean up the paper scraps with a brush. Note is helpful that resolve it with a lubricant sheet or oil.

NOTEFixing a paper jam, there are several things you can do but remember NEVER to put your fingers near the blades or feed opening.

4. The shredder makes too much noise

It is common that there are noisy from the get-go, but if the shredder makes much more noisy than usual, there could be something wrong with it. If it's simply too noisy with no other rattles, it may just need oil. It’s important to oil your shredder on a regular basis so that it stays in good working condition. After this operation, if the situation does not improve, you should contact our customer service.

5. The machine cannot accept any paper

If your shredder refuses to take in any paper, it may have stripped gears or be damaged in some other way. Check the cutting mechanism. If it isn’t rotating, you’ll probably need to have the machine serviced. Please contact the cusomer service.

If you encounter any of the above problems and still can't solve them by following the described methods, please contact the customer service directly by E-mail or Phone.

Finally, we recommend that when you use your home office shredder, please follow the manufacturer's guidelines for paper capacity and use. Avoid shredding materials that are not intended for shredding, such as metal credit cards, newspaper, or thick cardboard. And always keep your shredder clean and well-maintained by oiling it regularly and clearing out any debris.

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