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Paper Shredder Will Not Go Forward

Richa Srivastava

june 30,2023

Paper Shredder Will Not Go Forward

We often encounter a variety of problems when using the shredder, the most common is the shredder can only reverse rotation and can not be positive rotation, this time we should do?

Don't worry, Bonsaiishop professional shredder repair team will help you solve these common problems, the following is our summary of the shredder that can only reverse when the common causes.

4 Reason OF Paper Shredder Will Not Go Forward:

cardboard paper shredder
  • 01

    The shredder may overheat:

    First, you need to check whether the shredder indicator light is normal, the shredder is powered on, and the normal working state of the power light is always on, if you find that the overheated indicator light is always on, it means that the machine is overheating, this is due to the continuous use of the shredder for too long. 

    Bonsaiishop shredder is equipped with an overheat protection system to avoid the machine from overheating and damage to the shredder circuit, In this case, you just need to stop using the shredder immediately and let the machine cool down for 30-60 minutes and then the shredder will work normally.

    C149-C Overheated
  • 02

    The shredder may be jammed:

    Paper jam is a very common machine failure of shredders, if your machine is jammed by the confetti, there may be cause for shredder reversal normal but can not work in positive rotation, this time you just need to check the shredder inlet whether there is a lot of paper dust, and clean it up. 

    You can use a brush or tweezers to clean up the confetti. After cleaning up the confetti, remember to oil your beloved shredder with shredder oil, which will reduce the problem of paper jams in the machine.

  • 03

    The shredder "Auto" button is damaged:

    The shredder reverse normal, but positive rotation does not work, you check the machine indicator is normal and no jam, then the possible cause of the shredder "Auto" button is damaged, you could try folding a piece of paper in half before putting it in the shredder, observe whether the shredder can work normally if the shredder still does not work normally, it means that the shredder "Auto" button power cord contact is poor or damaged, you need to replace the shredder button with a new one.

    C233-B auto-feed shredder
  • 04

    Shredder sensor failure:

    Another common reason why the shredder reverses normally and does not work in the forward rotation is that the sensor in the paper feed entry is not being activated, resulting in the shredder not being able to sense the paper in the inlet and thus not starting. The cause of sensor inactivity can be a damaged sensor or the activation sensor in the feed entry is blocked with dust, debris, and oil.

    If paper dust, debris, or oil has covered the sensors it can break the signals (indicating to the shredder that paper is being entered) and can cause the shredder to run continuously. This is a little bit more of a problem on cross-cut shredders since the oil can very easily cloud the sensors.The good news is that it is as simple as wiping off the sensors to clear away anything that may interfere.

    To locate the sensors, unplug the shredder and look in the paper entry throat and in the very center there will be two small sensors that look like small glass beads or marbles.

    Once you locate the sensors, use a cotton swab dampened with rubbing alcohol to wipe away any residue or dust. You may need to clean it a couple of times. Also if there is any visible paper debris in this area, remove it with a cotton swab or needle-nosed pliers.

    This procedure will solve the problem almost all the time and may be repeated as part of routine maintenance as needed.

    Shredder sensor failure

These are the common causes of the "Paper shredder will not go forward" problem, of course, if you have more questions about the shredder, you can contact Bonsaiishop's professional shredder repair team to help you solve more shredder problems.

Bonsaiishop is committed to providing shredder users with better Bonsaiishop is committed to providing better products and services to shredder users, all shredders purchased from Bonsaiishop can enjoy 3 years of maintenance service.

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