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How to Care for and Clean a Paper Shredder

How to Clean and Care for a Paper Shredder?

After purchasing a paper shredder for either domestic or business, you will need to mantain it regularly. You might wonder, “How do you properly care for and clean a paper shredder?” Using the steps below, you will be able to keep it in excellent condition.

Clean the shredding machine

After using, there will be a lot of paper scraps and debris of different sizes inside the shredder, which must be cleaned regularly, otherwise it will clog the machine. The specific cleaning steps are as follows:

1. Firstly, switch off and unplug the shredder to ensure safety.

2. Turn the mode selector switch to the "reverse" position and turn the machine upside down until the shredder head is facing down.

3. Use a brush or cotton thread to gently clean the cutting blades and remove any debris and paper residue left inside the machine.

4. Empty the shredder's wastebasket and wipe the interior and exterior surfaces with a cleaning cloth or paper towel.

5. Turn the machine over and plug it in, start the shredder and test that it works properly.

  Oil the machine

All shredders require oiling for peak performance. If not olied, the shredder may experience diminished sheet capacity, intrusive noise when shredding, and could ultimately stop working.To avoid these poblems and to prolong the shredder's lifespan, we suggest oiling shredder each time you empty your waste bin.

For how it works, there are two ways how to go about using shredder oil, and you can choose your favorite way:
1. Directly pour a little oil evenly at the inlet, and then turn on the machine and let the blades idle for a while, in order to let all parts of the tool can be lubricated.
2. 1) Apply the lubricant oil onto a piece of paper.
   2)Fold the oiled paper.
   3) Shred the oiled paper.

For the lubricant sheets, please help follow the below steps:
1. Feed one lubricant sheet directly into shredder feed entry to shred it just like a piece of paper.
2. After the sheet has been completely shredded, set shredder into reverse for 10 seconds to complete the lubrication process.

Use the machine regularly

Using your paper shredder regularly is one of the best ways to maintain your machine. Paper shredders might lose their effectiveness if they are left standing because the lubricant oil on the metal blades can dry out and become dull. The most critical is to follow the manual to use tha machine in a right way. Besides, to aviod the paper jammed , it’s also crucial to frequently run the shredder in reverse.

Understand the machine's capacity and running time

Most shredders would state that the machine's capacity, when it comes to continuous run and cooldown times. However, it is not uncommon for people and businesses to use these machines nearly close their limits. While this will most likely not cause any complications at the time, it can damage the overall lifespan of the shredder if consistently done. Therefore, remember to allow for cool-off periods to machine and do not overload the shredder. 

The next time you are wondering how to properly clean and maintain your shredder, please refer to the steps listed above. Remember that even with proper maintenance, you will still need to replace your old shredder at some point. If you have any questions about paper shredders, please email us at

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