The efficient office machine that you need!

The efficienCY office machine that you need!


With the development of the science,we can’t work without the electrical appliances.We work with them in a proper way, which will dramatically improve our let’s see what machine do you have.

Electric binding machine:

Have you still work with the manual binding machine?When you have to deal with a bunch of documents,that is totally a mess.What’s more, you will find it work slowly and can not make the Booklets beautiful and convenient to check.
What can we do?You can buy a electric binding machine for you home-office/SOHO office.It is easy to operate manual.Pressing the button,they will punching holes precisely and symmetrical by laser.


Confidential paper shredder:

It’s easy to tear a piece of paper or ten pieces of it.What about the hundred pieces of the paper?In this situation,you need the paper shredder!
If you work at home or small office,you can chose the small shredder to shred the confidential documents or bills.
For example,our product C204-C paper shredder.
It's quite inexpensive,but with complete functions.
It's small and exquisite,you don't worry about your space.
Perfect for the home.


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If you work in a medium-sized company,you can chose the Bonsaii S-series shredder--3S30.
It can shred 18 sheets all at once and 240 minutes continues working time with 58dB low noise.
And there is a separate small bin for CD/DVD and credit card pieces collection.

If you work in a large company,maybe you should buy the Bonsaii shredder SMR18A.It can shred paper into 2*15mm,which is impossible to recover.It’s prefect for the large companies for shredding 200 pieces of paper automatically.60L capacity trash bin,you don’t need to empty the trash bin frequently.

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