Can the shredding paper be recycled?

The shredder is kind of important to our daily life,to shred the confidential document in the office,to shred the credit card info.

Here are some questions,where the shredding paper gone?Back to the Paper mill to recycle?


As shown in the survey,the recycled paper has requirement on the fiber,for example, the length and the width.The fiber is too short to recycle.And that is the reason why the recycled paper doesn’t look and feel like the new paper as soft and flexible.


To be exact,the shredding paper from household shredder can be recycled.With the development of the technology,there are more and more high secret shredder.It’s hardly to recycle when shred too much pieces.

For example,4*25mm(5/32 by 63/64 inches),this size is ok to recycle.


2*10mm(5/64 by 25/64 inches),that is not ok to recycle.

mirco cut shredding paper

Therefore, there are activities to urge everyone not to use shredders at will or not use the high secret shredder.


The following figure shows the fiber length of the recovered paper in The Effects of Paper Recycling and its Environmental Impact. It can be seen that as long as the fiber length is 2 mm or more, it is possible to complete 8 regeneration cycles.


To be concluded,the width of shredding paper greater than 2 mm can be recycled,otherwise,it can’t be.

 think before you shred