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How to maintain the shredder?

How to maintain the shredder?

The main function of the shredder is to shred paper documents and small non-paper items (such as credit cards) so that they can’t reveal any information to anybody.

The service life of the shredder is generally 3 to 5 years. In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the shredder, it should be maintained periodically.

Most instruction book of shredder will provide their own maintenance from Individual to Individual.


The maintenance process of the shredder varies from model to model. The maintenance requirements of the granular shredder are more stringent than those of the strip model and must be carried out in strict accordance with the procedures described in the manual.


Procedures of the maintenance include cleaning and refuelling all components, removing dust, checking the movement of the cutter, and adjusting and replacing damaged components.


The key maintenance of shredder is its cutter.


1.The maintenance of the cutter


The cutter is the most precise part of the shredder. In addition to the requirements of quality, it also has high requirements for the installation of it. Any mechanical misalignment and lack of oil will seriously affect the service life of the cutter. The tool should be lubricated regularly and the lubricant used should also comply with the regulations.


We should lubricate the cutter periodically.about the lubricant thing (the lubricant oil or sheet)should be considered carefully. The customer can consult the seller about this.


In addition to ensures the mechanical parts to work well, as well as prevent the rust on the cutter surface by softening and removing the deposits between the cutter.

If it is found that there are foreign objects such as metal sheets and dust between the cutter, it should be cleaned up as soon as possible.


It’s simple to lubricate the shredder. The lubricant oil can be directly dripped on the cutter surface through the paper feed port. After the oil is slightly diffused, power on the unite to reverse for 10~15s so that the lubricating oil is fully diffused to all parts of the cutter. Finally, start to shred some paper to wipe off excess oil from the cutter surface.


Check the running condition of the cutter. If there is uneven shaft clearance between the two hobs, please consult the professional. If there is not enough to lubricate or excessive dust in the bearing portion, which will cause the abnormal noise, you can lubricate the shredder by oil or sheet to solver the problem. 


2.The maintenance of the gear

The main function of the gear is to transmit power. It is usually made of engineering plastics, which is still a vulnerable part in the shredder even though it has a certain mechanical strength.

Due to the strong overload capability of the AC motor, when a paper jam occurs for shredding too much, it will break the gear and teeth. We should be checking the integrity of the gears periodically to clean the dust and other foreign matter. More importantly, we should replace the broken gear timely.


3.Maintenance of the trash bin

Last but not least, as for the main support for the whole machine, it should be plaid more attention.

Firstly, avoid placing heavy objects on the shredder, avoid hitting the cabinet with hard substance, and do not use chemical reagents to remove dirt from the surface of the cabinet.

Secondly, avoid moving the whole machine as quickly as possible. If the caster is found to be running poorly, it should be repaired in time. If it is damaged, it should be replaced in time.

Last, the cabinet should be kept dry and tidy.

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