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Do you really know the security of the shredder?

Do you really know the security of the shredder?

As the public pays more and more attention to security and privacy,shredder have become normal to our ordinary life.


But do you really know how to pick the best shredder for you?Do you know the security of the shredder?

Today,let me tell you the knowledge of the you can get the perfect shredder for you.


We usually define the confidentiality of the shredder by the size of the shredding paper.Generally, the paper shredded by our common shredders has the shape of strips, segments, and graininess.


The previous DIN 32757 standard has now been replaced with DIN 66399,which is introduced by Germany.They have strict standards in magnetic hard drive, optical data media, magnetic data media, electronic data media, etc.

In shortly,there are 5 common level of security level.The higher the level, the higher the confidentiality.


Level P-1 :≤ 2000 mm² particles OR ≤ 12 mm wide strips of any length (For shredding general internal documents,such as instructions,forms,expired notices)

Level P-2 : ≤ 800 mm² particles OR ≤ 6 mm wide strips of any length

Level P-3 :≤ 320 mm² particles OR ≤ 2 mm wide strips of any length (For highly sensitive documents and personal data subject to high protection requirements, purchase order, order confirmations or delivery notes with address data)

Level P-4 : ≤ 160 mm² particles with width ≤ 6 mm (Particularly sensitive and confidential data, working documents, customer/client data, invoices, private tax and financial documents)

Level P-5 : ≤ 30 mm² particles with width ≤ 2 mm (Data that must be kept secret, Balance sheets and P+L, strategy papers, design and engineering documents, personal data)

 security of paper shredder

Our common rankings are shown from level 1 to level 5. The higher the level, the higher the confidentiality.

Of course, with the development of technology, there are even 6 levels or even higher.


Level P-6 : ≤ 10 mm² particles with width ≤ 1 mm (Secret high-security data, patents, research and development documents, essential information that is important for your existence)

Level P-7 : ≤ 5 mm² particles with width ≤ 1 mm (Top Secret, Highly classified data for the military, embassies, intelligence services)


Speaking for the higher level,our Bonsaii 5S30 can up to Level 6(shredding size is 1*6mm,equal to a rice).Can you image that?!If you are interested in can check it in our Bonsaii shop.


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