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  • Shreds continuously for up to 30 minutes before a cool down period of 40 minutes
  •  Shreds 14 sheets of paper (letter size) per pass into tiny particles(1/4 x 1-14/25 inches, security level 4) for enhanced privacy 
  •  Able to shred staples, credit cards, paper clips, CDs/DVDs and junk mail
  • 58dB low noise design offers a quiet and smooth shredding experience
  •  A 4.8-gallon pull-out bin with a semi-window makes emptying easy  
  •  Auto-start and auto-reverse design to help prevent and clean paper jams 
  •  Overheat and overload protection technology help maintain and prolong the shredder's workling life as the motor and blades are well protected

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  • 30-day return, 12-month warranty

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Bonsaii Patented Cooling System

With the Bonsaii patented cooling system, this cross-cut shredder can shred up to 30 minutes continuously with 3500 sheets of paper being destroyed. No concern of overheating!

                        Strog Cutters 

 This shredder has durable solid cutters that can easily destroy paper as well as credit cards, clips,CDs,DVDs and staples to keep your different types of confidential information safe.

              Easy And Safe Operation 

 The machine will run automatically when its sensor detects papers going into the paper feed. For safe concern, this paper shredder will stop working once you pull out the bin.

                      No Paper-Jam 

 With auto-start and auto-reverse function, the paper will be reversed back out automatically if you shred too much papers in one sitting. No frustration of paper jams anymore.


C169-B C222-A C222-BC221-AC221-B
Serial Name EverShred EverShred EverShred EverShred EverShred
Cut Type Cross-Cut Cross-Cut Micro-Cut Cross-Cut Micro-Cut
Shred Ability CDs/DVDs, Credit Cards, Paper, Clips, Staples CDs/DVDs, Credit Cards, Paper, Clips, StaplesCDs/DVDs, Credit Cards, Paper, Clips, StaplesCDs/DVDs, Credit Cards, Paper, Clips, StaplesCDs/DVDs, Credit Cards, Paper, Clips, Staples
Cut Size 1/4 x 1-14/25 inches 1/6 x 1-7/12 inches 5/32 x 15/32 inches 5/32 x 1-19/50 inches 5/32 x 15/32 inches
Max Pages Per Load 14 Pages 20 Pages 16 Pages 15 Pages 12 Pages
Continuous Run Time 30 Mins 20 Mins 20 Mins 10 Mins10 Mins
Cool Down Time 40 Mins 45 Mins 45 Mins 45 Mins 45 Mins
Noise Level 58 dB 60 dB 60 dB 65 dB 65 dB
Basket Capacity 4.8 gallons 6.6 gallons 6.6 gallons 5.3 gallons 5.3 gallons
Basket Type Pull-out Pull-out Pull-out Pull-out Pull-out
Product Dimensions320×242×505 mm375*245*555 mm375*245*555 mm375*265*510 mm375*265*510 mm
Product Weight7.4 kg11.5 kg10.9 kg8.3 kg7.2 kg
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Kaleema A.
United States United States
Received a used shredder w/ paper shreds inside, fingerprints & scratches.

I am very disappointed & dissatisfied with my Order that I received on May 26, 2020. I received a USED Bonsaii shredded from AMAZON PRIME. I did not place my order with AMAZON I placed my order with & PAID Bonsaii $123.50. PLEASE SEND THE BONSAII SHREDDER C-169 B IN BRAND NEW CONDITION ASAP.

Michael R.
United States United States
Great Shredder

This shredder did everything that I expected of it, for a long time shredding without needing a rest. The pieces are quite small and I am not at all concerned about someone being able to reassemble them. It cut up old credit cards quite well. I use it for home use.

get what you pay for

I would get this again as I need a heavy duty shredder it seems to be working fine for that job. IT WILL NOT CUT 14 sheets info indicates. it struggles with just 12-13 sheets.

Suhail S.
Great, quiet shredder!!

This shredder is one of the quietest shredders I have ever used. The shredder handles its 14 paper max with ease and I have not encountered any jams while using it, even when shredding 8-10 sheets of thick stock paper. The cross cut is not as fine as some other shredders I have used, but it is fine for my home use. And the best thing about the shredder is how quiet it is, you hear a slight whine from the motors, but the loudest thing while using this shredder is the sound of the blades cutting into the paper which is not loud at all. I would definitely recommend this to anyone using this for any non commercial purposes

Dalai M.
Best shredder for the home or small office.

This is the 5th paper shredder I've owned. It is also the best. It truly shreds 10 sheets of paper at once and dices them into inch-long bits. It has a long run time, in fact I've never overheated it. It's simple to operate and easy to empty. I would not have it plugged in around small children, but that's probably a good idea with all shredders. I like this one so much that I bought an identical model to give someone as a gift. The shredder is not the fastest I've used, but because it eats 10 pages at a time without jamming, it's the most reliable one I've used.

Great unit! Worth taking the time to write a review, it's that good.

Really? I'm pausing my shredding to go to my computer to write a review? Well, this unit is impressing me that much. I've replaced a Fellowes DS-3 shredder, which is a similar size. The DS-3 broke when one of the plastic gears in the drive train shed a gear -- a tiny piece of plastic snaps and the whole thing goes in the trash. I hate that. But seizing an opportunity to get a better shredder, I researched quite a bit and selected this Bonsaii. The features I liked in the listing were its 14 sheet capacity (the DS-3 claimed 10 sheets, but no way) and its quieter operation. My wife really hated the sound of the DS-3, so that appealed. It arrived fast, I plugged it in. Bright red LED, I'm going to have that on all the time? May have to put some electrical tape over it. I put my first sheet in to test it. It's indeed quieter than the DS-3. But...slower. Hmm. Maybe only two thirds as fast pulling the paper through the drivetrain. Perhaps my throughput will be the same because I can put more sheets at a time through it? I was skeptical. Well today I gave it its first big run. This little guy seems unstoppable. Yes, it feeds in a slow and stately manner, but it doesn't slow down when you feed it more than a few sheets (the Fellowes was always straining), it just maintains its constant speed. I shoved 15 sheets into it, and it took it like a champ, without breaking much of a sweat. 15 sheets is a good handful of paper. So I've been feeding it gobs of paper, not even counting, probably over the 14 page limit from time to time, and it just nonchalantly plows through it all, no worries at all. With the Fellowes, it was always suspenseful -- it's choking, will it make it through? Will I have to pull the paper back out? Did I jam it again? Whew... Repeat. Little drama queen, that Fellowes. Anyway, when the bin on the Bonsaii filled up I slid out the drawer (mashed the shreds down a bit, and got a bunch more papers through before I HAD to dump it) and took it out to the bin without leaving a mess of paper leavings on the office floor. With the Fellowes I had to pick up the entire top part, invariably leaving paper dangling, and set it on the floor, paper dust going everywhere, to dump the bucket. So this new design will work much better for me, though I can imagine difficulties if I overfill it with shreds, since pulling out a tray when the paper shreds are stacked higher than the top of the door will probably scrape a pile of paper shreds into the inside of the machine. Will have to see. But all in all, I'm very pleased with this purchase. Strong, steady, not jamming (yet), I haven't tried abusing it (shoving in ten sheets cockeyed so they buckle and bend) but I'm sure that'll happen. If anything untoward happens, I'll update this review. But very pleased so far.

Really great little shredder

Really great little shredder. We use it for a sm-med sized contracting business and shred paperwork daily, but not a whole lot of it. This guy has kept up quite nicely for the past month-ish and is fairly quiet. It sits less than 2 feet from my desk and I have no issues if it's used and I'm on the phone, or whatnot. I do like the drawer pull-out feature to empty the container a lot vs. taking the lid off and having to dump it. It seems silly not to have it the other way...with the drawer, the actually shredder components stay right where they are. You are just moving the basket to empty and bringing it back to the shredder! Our old one I had to remove the top and get all the string-ys out and find a place to safely "rest" it while I took the basket to be dumped. And it NEVER failed that when I put the shredder top back on, there was always a mess wherever I had let is sit! Ugh! Not anymore! I didn't even know how annoying that was until I didn't have to do it anymore! So, my best suggestion is, if you are looking at medium-sized shredders and they don't have a "drawer" basket that pulls out - maybe reconsider and look at this one.

Shred years worth of letters nonstop.

I received the shredder but unfortunately it was damaged badly during shipping. It was still wrapped but broken. Contacted Bonsaii and got the email back within minutes. Returning it was a breeze at the ups store it took 20 seconds. Scanned the code and was out. The replacement came within two days from the return. This shredder is much quieter than my old shredder, the noise level in my basement with the washing machine running is 40 db when the shredder’s cooling fan is on, the noise is at 51db from 2 feet away same noise as my office. When shredding it is at 67db. Performance is unbelievable. I used it to shred years worth of bills and marketing mail. I filled 12 kitchen garbage bags without the machine stopping once. It worked for 4 hours straight. I had the mail piled up in boxes, it really didn’t get much rest, but never overheated. There were a few instances where I put envelopes that were too thick. Once it sensed the thickness, it reversed direction automatically. I just opened these letters and fed half of the papers and they were chewed effortlessly. I shredded cards, letters, letters with cards inside. No problem. In summary The good: no stop and go. Quite. Good bin size. The bad: feels flimsy, not a deal breaker. The sensors are in strange places, if you put a regular envelope all the way to the left, it will stop since there is no sensor there, but if you put two letters side by side, no problem. There is a sensor in the middle and one in the right but not in the left side of the feeding slot. The bottom line: I love this shredder. It is by far the best shredder I’ve come across. I recommend it highly. I’ll post an update in a few months.

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