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Bonsaii 110-Sheet Micro Cut Paper Shredder Auto Feeder Heavy Duty Paper Shredder 30 Mins Office Shredder (BS-233B)


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  • 【Double Shred Inlet】Heavy duty auto-feeder paper shredder can shred up to 110 sheets at one time through its auto feed tray and up to 12 sheets fed manually(also chew Junk Mail/ Cards/Staples with ease) at a time. It also can operate simultaneously or independently
  • 【Nonstop 30-Min Running Time】The micro cut shredder shreds continuously for about 30 minutes in auto feed tray without stopping, (10-min in Manual mode) powerful shredding
  • 【High Security P-4 Level】This heavy duty shredder shred paper into 5/32" x 15/32" unreadable micro cut particles, ideal for confidential information
  • 【Large Capacity & Caters】6.1-gallon pull-out wastebasket with transparent window reduces the need for frequent emptying. 4 casters with locking front brakes, you can roll it into any place as needed 
  • 【Jam-Proof System】Auto start and auto reverse functions of this paper shredder can help you easily clear out paper jams
  • 【Safe Protection】Overheat and overload light changes will remind you and enter the protection state

  • Free Shipping in the United States

  • 30-Day Free Return

  • Bonsaii Provides 12-Month Machine Warranty

  • Specialized in manufacturing paper shredders since 2005

Prolong Your Paper Shredder Lifespan with Bonsaii Lubricant Sheets

Automatic 110-Sheet and Manual 12-Sheet  C233-B Micro-Cut Shredder for Home Office Use
High efficiency shredding Unique and stable structure design and sophisticated manufacturing, bonsaii shredder ensures amazing stable power output, higher shredding efficiency and more durable.
Advanced Cooling System C233-B Auto Feed Miro-Cut Shredder is equipped with a mature turbo cooling system, which can easily achieve full load continuous and efficient paper shredding.
Durable Blades and Overheat Protection Hard and sharp, efficient shredding of paper, cards, staples, paper clips, durable, Overheat warning protection auto starts, can extend the service life of the machine, maximize efficiency.
Advanced Anti-Jam Technology With Auto start and auto reverse functions helps you clean up the paper jams easily and free from the frustration of jamming.
Easy Jam Removal (Auto-Feed)  You just need to press the auto paper feed lock and open the cover, remove the jammed paper to clean the paper scraps in the shredding port.
Universal and Fixable Casters Equipped with 4 high quality durable universal casters, bonsaii heavy duty paper shredder can be easily moved and locked anywhere you want.

Jam Proof System

Detect the hazard of getting jammed and eject excessive papers

Overheat Protection

Red light always on to warn the high temperature of the machine

Overload Protection

Red light flashing when shredding excessive pieces of paper than its shredding capability

Automatic Forward

"AUTO" function makes the machine to shred automatically when you feed paper and stop after finish shredding

How does the cover of the machine stay up?

Open the cover and push it back until you hear a snapping sound. If it doesn't hold, move the board forward and hear it snap to hold.

Anti-jam Design

1. The buckle will extend to fix the paper when the shredder senses the paper, preventing too much paper from entering the cutter and causing paper jams.

2. The paging wheel (grey part) will auto reversed for 2-3s when shredding to reduce the frequency of paper jams.

Instructions for cleaning the shredding port

Step 1. Press the auto paper feed lock and open the cover.

Step 2. Slide the Auto-Feed cleaning button down.

Step 3. The valve is opened, and the paper scraps fall into the bin.

Operation Tips & Instructions

For a better customer experience, operating instructions are attached to the cover to help you use the automatic paper shredder.

Cutter Maintenance:

When you notice the shredder is experiencing difficulty shredding, or gets jammed easily, then it's probably time to oil. If you use your shredder occasionally, then oiling your shredder may only be necessary every two months to maintain good performance. If you use your shredder a lot, however, then your best practices are to oil your shredder every time you empty the waste bin. Get your shredder lubricants by clicking here.

If you have any questions about our products and services, please email We will reply within 24 hours!  
C233-B C149-CC149-DC144-D C169-B
Serial Name EverShred EverShred EverShred EverShred EverShred
Cut Type Micro-Cut Cross-Cut Micro-Cut Cross-Cut Cross-Cut
Shred Ability Credit Cards, Paper, Clips, Staples, Junkmail CDs/DVDs, Credit Cards, Paper, Clips, Staples, JunkmailCDs/DVDs, Credit Cards, Paper, Clips, Staples, JunkmailCDs/DVDs, Credit Cards, Paper, Clips, Staples, JunkmailCDs/DVDs, Credit Cards, Paper, Clips, Staples
Cut Size 5/32 x 15/32 inches 13/64 x 1-37/64 inches 13/64 x 25/64 inches 5/32 x 1-25/32 inches 13/64 x 1-37/64 inches
Max Pages Per Load 110 Pages(Autofeeder)12 Pages(Manual) 18 Pages 16 Pages 24 Pages 15 Pages
Continuous Run Time 30 Mins(Auto) 10 Mins(Manual) 60 Mins 60 Mins 60 Mins40 Mins
Cool Down Time 60 Mins 10 Mins 10 Mins 40 Mins 40 Mins
Noise Level 62 dB 62 dB 62 dB 55 dB 60 dB
Basket Capacity 6.1 gallons 6 gallons 6 gallons 7 gallons 5 gallons
Basket Type Pull-out Pull-out Pull-out Pull-out Pull-out
Product Dimensions22.1x16.5x12.4 inches21.5×14.2×11.2 inches21.5x14.2x11.2 inches22.83x14.96x12.6019.9×12.6×9.5 inches


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