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What Happens To Paper After It’s Shredded

What Happens To Paper After It’s Shredded

Shredding private files keeps your information safe, but what happens to your documents after they’re shredded?

For the company,they can send shredding paper pieces to the factory to make it recycle.

But for the individual,it’s hard to send it to recycle.There are two reasons.One,small volumes of shreds are too messy for recycling centers;Two,small size makes them difficult to sort—especially if they’re cross-cut.

Consider these facts: the average American creates about 4.43 pounds of trash per day, and some 30 percent of that is paper. Those numbers are rather significant. If you’re going for a smaller carbon footprint, then eliminating how much paper you throw in the trash is one small step toward doing so.
There are several ways to deal with it.

  • Used as a packing filler to protect fragile products
  • Used as wiping materials, such as used to remove oil, debris, powder, etc.
  • Padding in pet's cages (such as chicks and hamsters), used as heat preservation and absorption of feces
  • If you are a great artist,you can make it to decorate your home.

How are Shreds Recycled?

After papers are shredded, the shreds are baled and taken to a recycling plant to be processed and made into new paper products.
To take paper bits that once had sensitive information and have them reused for new print paper, newspapers, or boxes there are a few steps to the recycling process.

1. Chemical Wash and Heat
The recycling process begins with the shredded paper bits being placed in vats to be chemically washed with heat applied.
2. Pressing Paper Fibers
Next the broken down paper fibers are pressed through a screen to remove any contaminants.
3. Washing the Ink Out
Afterward the paper fibers are washed and cleaned to remove any remaining ink.
4. Putting it Back Together
Finally, the now pulped paper can be bonded, dried, and used to make new paper products.

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