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Shredding your paper and document regularly is critical to saving sensitive information and keeping things confidential. For instance, some of the documents like financial statements, bills, worker files, marketing plans and delivery packages. It is prevalent that government offices, large corporation and small business use shredder to cut the paper into tiny pieces or strips, to make them unreadable and for recycling purposes.

    1. Compliance with lawWe have the right to protect personal information. Some laws like the federal law HIPAA& FACTA are penalizing for improper disposal of documents with confidential and sensitive content. 
    2. Protect Your Clients- any documents containing your client, customer or patient’s information must be shredded. Information like social security number, name, date-of-birth, address and some other personal details turn into a headache for a client that can go into wrong hands. 

    3. Protecting Employees- details of workers or employee need to be handled appropriately as well. Business sectors and HR also handles sensitive information of worker that must be shredded if you need for a long time. 

    4. Convenience – A shredder is the most convenient tool that smashes your outdated and unwanted documents. No matter where you need to shred things mainly, home or office. It never takes a large space or hard to move, especially those with casters for easy mobility. Place it in a centralized position in your office or a corner of your house, then make it run. 

    5. Environmentally Friendly- All the shreds left by shredding can be collected and recycled. Shredding your waste paper reduces you eco-footprint on the environment, protects you from identity theft as well as increasing the re-use of paper. 

    6. Saves Money- no need to book shredding service for your company. Most companies book shredding service to handle their redundant documents regularly. With a paper shredder, you can unsubscribe your yearly shredding service. And shredding the documents by your own is always more secure than passing this kind of duty to others. 

    7. Keep organized- the only difference between a tidy space and a mess space could be the existence of a shredder. Think about the paper clutter at your office or home, a paper shredder can easily clean them out. To save more space and make your working/living environment fresh.

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