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How to Remove Jammed Paper from Shredder?

How to Remove Jammed Paper from Shredder?

The paper shredder remains a practical tool to use at home or the office. Whether you use it to shred documents, digital data, or credit cards, you may find it jams occasionally.


Once meets emergency case like this,you will get frustrated and let me tell you how to deal with this situation.


There is a reverse button for most shredders,that can solve most of the jam problems.but sometime it not work,so you have to use other methods.


1.Power off the shredder

Once occurs the jammed problem,we should power off the machine before the situation worsens.So that you can earn the time to check the situation to prepare fix it.


2.Emptying the trash bin if necessary.

Cause the safety problem,when the trash bin is full the shredder will not work.So you have to check the trash bin firstly.

After emptying the trash bin,till get jammed.Please check the next method.


3.Set the shredder to "Reverse" and then turn the power back on

It’s common to meet the jam problem,so most shredders have the “reverse” function.We can find it in the top of shredder.Slide the switch to the "reverse" side and plug it in.

When power is on, your fingers or any tools should not be placed near the paper inlet of the shredder.

shredder reverse function

4.If the paper shredder still jams in reverse, push the switch back to the "forward" or "auto" side.

If the jam problem is not in bad condition, it should back to normal within seconds after turning it on.

However, if it’s in serious bad condition, the machine may get stuck again after reversing. At this time, you should unplug the power, turn the machine back to "Auto" or "Forward rotation" again, and then plug it in.You have to iterate these process for several times.


5.Reducing the sheets of the paper before shredding it again

Shredding too much paper at one time is the main reason to make the jammed problem.if the shredder jammed of shredding too much paper,after clearing the jammed paper,we should try to shred less paper in the next time to make it run smoothly.


If switching between forward and reverse still does not make the shredder become normal, this means it’s a very serious question.We should repair it with manual operation.

About this part,we will talk about it in the next article.

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