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Commercial Paper Shredders Vs. Home Paper Shredders: What’s the Difference?

A paper shredder is a paper shredder, right?

While it is true that paper shredders designed for home use are similar to those used in commercial facilities, there are some key differences of which all prospective buyers should be aware.

In this post, we will compare commercial and home paper shredders in terms of available features and advantages inherent in each.

Commercial Paper Shredders

A commercial shredder is a great Investment for an office because it can:

1. Shred large quantities of paper, CDs, and DVDs. Commercial shredders are powerful machines that can effortlessly handle all of your confidential documents in a short amount of time. For example, the Bonsaii 3S30 model can shred up to 18 sheets of paper at a single pass. Add this to the fact that the shredder can also handle CDs, DVDs, paper clips, and staplers, and it’s easy to see why offices and businesses love Bonsaii commercial paper shredders.

2. Run for long periods of time. Many commercial shredders from Bonsaii can run for an hour or longer without needing a cool-down. Take the Bonsaii 4S30 P-5 model commercial shredder for example, which can run for an astounding 240 minutes after which it only requires 9 minutes of rest to cool down before being ready to use again.

3. Store tons of paper particles. The particle storage bins in commercial shredders are capable of handling huge volumes of shredded paper. Depending on the needs of the office, Bonsaii commercial shredders’ storage capacity ranges from 4.2 gallons in some models, all the way to 9 gallons in others.

Home Paper Shredders

When it comes to home paper shredders, there are features which may appeal to the user that differ from those in commercial paper shredders. The advantages of home paper shredders are that they are:

1. Portable and easy to store. The Bonsaii C204-C model’s dimensions measure at 15.2 inches x 11.9 inches x 7.4 inches; making storing and moving the shredder an incredibly easy task.

2. An easy way to maintain privacy. While all shredders are helpful in protecting users’ privacy by destroying confidential information, home paper shredders make this task incredibly simple. Once the user has paid a bill or no longer needs a confidential document, they need only send the paper through the machine and it will be unrecognizable almost immediately. This provides peace of mind to people who worry about identity theft in an era where scams are so common.

3. Affordable at any budget. A home paper shredder is an extremely affordable investment. The Bonsaii S 120-C model, as a point of reference, costs only $31.99, and is a perfect solution for a home office or for home use in general.

Bonsaii Paper Shredders for Commercial or Personal Use

Whether you need a shredder for a large office or for your home, Bonsaii has the product to fit your needs. Besides the fact that our shredders are of unmatched quality, we provide support to you for years after your purchase.

So, if you need a new shredder, Bonsaii is the perfect choice. You can view all of our commercial and home paper shredders here:

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