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Important Safety Notice:

Before you fixing the malfunctions on your shredder, please make sure to operate in a safe condition. Never put your hands, fingers or hair near the blades or the papey entry of the shredder. Instead of using your hands, use tools such as tweezers when needed, to avoid damage to the blades and reduce the risk of physical injury. 

  How to unjam my shredder?

Paper jam could be frustrating and annoying, and it can present in a variety of ways. So what should we do when a paper jam occurs? Here are several  things you can do to fix paper jams but remember to never put your fingers near the shredder blades or paper entry. 

1. Check the usuer manual to see if there is any advice given by the manufacturer for fixing paper jams.  

2. Use the reverse function which most shredders have to get the jammed papers out. This in some cases can solve the problem. 

3. Turn off the shredder and unplug it, use a pair of twizzers to carefully pluck out the papers stuck in the blades.

4. Use a vacumm cleaner parallel to the blades to suck out paper dust, particles and dirts may solve the jam problem as well.

  What if my shredder is overheating and stop working?
Shredders usually have a maximum run-time, because their motor gets warm from shredding. If you run the shredder for a long time consecutively, then the machine will shut off automatically to cool down. So if your shredder is unjamed and has been running for a long time consecutively, just wait and let it to cool down and it will start running again. You can check the cool-down time in the manual  come alone with the shreder in the packaging box. There are also paper shredders which can run continuously with no maximum run-time. They are commercial shredders for heavy duty. If you have a lot of documents to shred, pick one of them to better complete the heavy shredding work.
  Something wrong with the shredder sensors and it can't stop working?
Sometimes when the dust or dirt partially block the shredder's sensors, the shredder may be constantly running in Auto/On mode, or randomly start working by themselves.Clean the sensors usually can solve the problems. But it is not as easy as it sounds, because some of the sensors may be hidden away inside the machine. So you may check the manual to find out the spots of the sensors, and use vacumm cleaner or other tools to clean off the dust and dirt.
Please notice that most of the sensors are designed safety precaution purpose to avoid possible physical injury to the users or prevent the machine damaging itself.

  My shredder is making weird and lound noise, why is it?

Like most other machines, paper shredders need to be maintained regularly. And this is extremely important for shredders tha are used frequently, such as shredders that are used in an office environment. The best way to maintain your shredder in this case would be to use shredder lubricant oil or lubricant sheets to oil your shredder regularly. When the shredder blades run smoothly, there will be no annoyaning noise. Please refer to the maintainace guide in the manual. 


In addition, some brands have developed paper shredders with the function of releasing paper jams. Using a paper shredder with anti-jam function can greatly reduce the probability of paper jams in the machine, reduce the trouble caused by paper jams in the machine, and improve the service life of the machine

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