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Paper shredders now are widely usud in business as the awareness and concerns of avoiding identity theft and business information leak is increasing among people. As time goes, shredders now have been improved with security and safety features. And these features will aid you in choosing the right shredder that meets your needs.

Here are some factors that you should consider when choosing the best shredder:

HOw much do you shred?

When selecting a paper shredder, consider a how much time you spend shredding and how much paper you typically shred.

I want to shred

2-10 minutes


6-12 sheets

at a time

Choose a 

Home Paper Shredder

I want to shred

10-30 minutes


10-18 sheets 

at a time

Choose an

Office or home shredder

I want to shred 

60 minutes-continuously


14-20 sheets

at a time

Choose an 

Heavy-duty shredder

What are the DIFFERENT cut types

Your concerns about identity theft determine what security level you will need for your paper shredder.

Consider a mid-level security shredder which is called cross cut shredder, It offers a higher security-level than strip cut shredders. A standard letter size paper is typically shredded into more than 200 small square confetti-like pieces.

Upgrate to a high-level security shredder. A micro-cut paper shredder offers the highest level of security level. This is the best type of shredder if you need to destroy highly sensitive and confidential documents. A standard letter size paper can be cut in to amost countless pieces.

Delivers a super-high level of security protection for top secret and classfied documents. Cross-cut and Micro-cut are good enough to meet daily business or personal shredding needs. Security Level P-6 is government approved.

Do I need a paper shredder with special features?

Along with numerous options in shredder performance and security levels, there are also many features available that make shredding more effective for the home or workplace. When you think about where your shredder will be located and who will be using it, some additional needs may have to be considered.

Auto-start and reverse function avoid frustration of paper jams. Easy operation for eliminating jams.

Design with safety feature that ensures children and pets safety. Perfect performance and prolonged lifespan with its overheat and overload protection.

Had it enough with a noisy paper shredder? A paper shredder with quiet performance may be important.

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