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In today's world, it may seem to be hard to handle the pressure from wrok. And you may have found that an average work day is not always long enough to get the things you need to do done. Your time is limited, but you have to get things done. Sometimes it is true that you may have too much work to do, so it is reasonable that you can not get it done within working hours. But sometimes all you need to do is just to improve your productivity and efficiency at work by culturing some usful habits. An efficient worker uses the most of each minute  of the day, giving the fullest attention to the most important tasks first. So, what should we do to become productivity at work?

Keep a clean, orderly workplace.

A disorderly work area can hinder your productivity. So try to clean the clutter from your work area. If you are constantly struggling to find specific tools or documents on the clutter, you are wasting planty of time. It is wise to only keep items you use daily around you, everything else should be squirreled away where it's out of the way but also quickly to reach. No matter if you work in a workplace or other places, the same principles apply. Make sure you can find what you want at any time at work.

Set Clear Milestones

Setting goals is often an difficult process. So what you need to do is break your big projects into smaller manageable chuncks and set your goals accordingly. You will stay motivated and energetic throughout the journey by doing this. Further, setting clear goals will make it easier for you to keep on the track of your progress. Allowing you to celebrate every small victory you achieve. Here are some tips can help you to set up milestones and you should keep them in mind. 

1. Keep your eye on the deadline 

2. Save all the important dates on an online calendarImprove your project evaluation skills 

3. Treat every milestone as a learning experience

Be focused

There might be diffeeent things or people that distracting you at the workplace. For example, some workplace may come up with a talktive colleague who just won't leave you alone. Others might be oppressively quiet, so you may be distracted by the even quietest noise. So what you can do to avoid this kind of inpediment? If you workplace is flexible and allows you to listen to music, then take an MP3 with you. Kindly reminds your colleagues to be quiet and not distract you is an direct way, it might seem a bit rude, but it makes sense and it might be the most effective to let people be quiet and leave you alone while you are working.

Fin ways to automate and simplyfy your work

Doing several tasks at the same time hurts productivity. Shifting between different tasks constantly can cause a lose of 40 percent on their productivity, says Wrike. Here’s where technology can shine and take over small jobs that aren’t as important. So try automating and simplyfying your work. For example, using email marketing services that send automated email campaigns and automating your sales and lead-generation work.

Be well rested

It is impossible for anyone to improve their work quality if they are tired. Tiredness can slow your output, dull your performance, and, if you're prone to sleeping spells, seriously embarrass you in important meetings. On top of this, severely insufficient sleep has been correlated with a variety of health problems.Don't fall asleep at your desk or miss work because you've gotten sick - get 7-8 hours of sleep a night to be at your best.

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