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Bonsaii C144-E 18-Sheet 40 Mins Micro-Cut Higher Security Credit Card Ultra Quiet Paper Shredder for Home Office Use with 7 Gals Pull-out Waste Bin


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  • Continuously runs for up to 40 minutes. Professional grade micro-cut paper shredders for office, small office and home office use
  • Heavy duty shredder shreds 18 sheets of paper per pass, can effectively shred CD, credit card, mails, even with staples and clips into tiny particles of 5/32 x 30/64 inches (4 x 12mm). Higher security level than P-4
  • 58dB low-noise design offers a quiet and smooth shredding exprience, will not disturb you and your colleagues or family, allowing you to focus on what you're doing
  • 4 lockable universal casters are easy to move, easy to move to the direction you want, also can be locked at any time to keep in a position
  • Anti-Jam system with automatic reversal and manual forwad/reverse function, once you shred paper more than the maximum shredding capacity, the anti-jam system will automatically reverse to clear paper jams, can also manually clear paper jams by pressing the Forward or Reverse button
  • 7 gallons super large waste bin with transparent window design is easy to remove and empty by one handed, much less mess and hassel

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  • Bonsaii Provides 12-Month Machine Warranty

  • Specialized in manufacturing paper shredders since 2005

Bonsaii 18-sheet 40 minutes micro cut heavy duty paper shredder for office use
40 Minutes Continuous Running Time  About 6500 sheets of paper will be destroyed within it rated 40 minutes continuous working time
7 Gallons Large Wastebasket for More Storage  7 gallons super large pull out bin with transparent window is easy to remove and empty one handed. Also comes with a safety switch designed, it will stop working once you pull out the bin
Advanced Cyclone Cooling System  Equipped with a mature turbo cooling system, which re-optimizes the internal heat dissipation structure of the machine, which can easily achieve full load continuous and efficient paper shredding
High-Efficiency and Strong Motor  The strong power output of the key component motor makes the shredding speed much faster, easily achieving continuous and efficient shredding
Durable and Solid Cutter System  High-quality nitrided steel cutter, with superior hardness level and extraordinary wear resistance, efficient shredding of paper, CDs, credit cards, staples, paper clips, durable, maximize efficiency
Ultra-Low Noise Level  The 58 dB ultra-low noise operation of this shredder provides you a quiet and comfortable office environment while working without worry to disturb others

Machine Features

  • Auto paper rejection function prompts overheating and overloading
  • Auto forward/reverse and manual forward/reverse functions to prevent paper jams
  • Universal lockable casters can get to where you want it to go or can be fixed in one place

Touch Mode

  • Light-controlled

Switch Type

  • Push button


  • 120VAC/60Hz


  • Shredding type: micro-cut
  • Shredding size: 5/32 x 30/64 inches (4 x 12mm)

Continuous Running Time

  • 60 minutes

Dimensions (LxWxH)

  • Item: 14.96 x 12.6 x 22.83 inches
  • With package: 18.11 x 15.47 x 25.16 inches


  • One-Year Machine Warranty

3S30 C144-E 5S30 3S23 4S30
Serial Name  EverShred EverShred EverShred EverShred EverShred
Cut Type Cross-Cut Micro-Cut Micro-Cut Cross-Cut Micro-Cut
Shred Ability CDs/DVDs, Credit Cards, Papers, Staples, Junkmail CDs/DVDs, Credit Cards, Papers, Staples, Junkmail CDs/DVDs, Credit Cards, Papers, Staples, Junkmail CDs/DVDs, Credit Cards, Papers, Staples, Junkmail CDs/DVDs, Credit Cards, Papers, Staples, Junkmail
Cut Size 5/32 x 1-19/50 inches 5/32 x 30/64 inches 1/26 x 5/21 inches 5/32 x 1-19/50 inches 5/64 x 1-25/64 inches
Max Pages Per Load 18 Pages 18 Pages 5 Pages 14 Pages 10 Pages
Continuous Run Time 240 Mins 40 Mins 240 Mins 120 Mins 240 Mins
Cool Down Time 9 Mins 60 Mins 9 Mins 10 Mins 9 Mins
Noise Level 58 dB 58 dB 58 dB 58 dB 58 dB
Basket Capacity 7.9 gallons 6 gallons 7 gallons 6 gallons 7.9 gallons
Basket Type Pull-out Pull-out Pull-out Pull-out Pull-out
Product Dimensions 24.6x16.1x12.6 inches 22.83 x 14.96 x 12.6 inches 24.6x16.1x12.6 inches 22.4x14.4x11.1 inches 24.6x16.1x12.6 inches
Safety Feature Safty-sensor, safe for kids and pets Safty-sensor, safe for kids and pets Safty-sensor, safe for kids and pets Safty-sensor, safe for kids and pets Safty-sensor, safe for kids and pets

Cutter Maintenance:

When you notice the shredder is experiencing difficulty shredding, or gets jammed easily, then it's probably time to oil. If you use your shredder occasionally, then oiling your shredder may only be necessary every two months to maintain good performance. If you use your shredder a lot, however, then your best practices are to oil your shredder every time you empty the waste bin. Get your shredder lubricants by clicking here.

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Q: How noisy of this 18 sheets paper shredder for home office use?

A: The noise level of this heavy-duty shredder is 58dB, providing you with a quiet enough shredding experience.

Q: Looking for a heavy-duty shredder to deal with wasted cards in my office, has anybody used this shredder on credit cards?

A: Yes, this micro-cut shredder can shred credit cards as well as CDs, staples and clips. Hope it can help you.

Q: What is the heavy duty shredder maximum run time? dose it have overheat protection or any indication?  

A: Run time up to 40 minutes, when there is overheating, the red light will light up and the machine will stop shredding so as to protect the machine.


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