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Bonsaii 6-8 Sheet Micro Cut Paper Shredder P-5 High Security Heavy Duty Shredder with 60-Min Run Time(BS-4S16 )

Bonsaii 6-8 Sheet Micro Cut Paper Shredder P-5 High Security Heavy Duty Shredder with 60-Min Run Time(BS-4S16 )

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4S16 high security level shredder, big sale 45% off
  • Cut TypeMicro Cut
  • Security Level: P5

  • Sheet Capacity: 6-8 Sheet

  • Running Time: 60-Min

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  • 60-minute Continuous Running

  • Security Level P5 Shredder

  • Automatic Jam-Proof System

  • 55dB Quiet and Smooth Shredding

  • Overheat and overload protection


  • 60-Mins Heavy Duty Shredder :

    The home office shredders runs continuously for 60 minutes and can destroy about 2600 sheets of paper at one time, it is an ideal shredder for home and office. Strong motor, shred CDs, credit cards, staples, and clips with ease.

  • P-5 High Security

    Super micro-cut blades shred paper in a cross-hatch pattern into unreadable particles measuring 5/64'' x 25/64'' for superior security.

  • Automatic Jam-Proof System:

    Jam protection system with auto start and auto reverse. Overheating and overloading protection technology help maintain your shredder and extend its lifespan.

  • Silent Shred & Easy Move:

    55dB low-noise offers you a quiet and smooth shredding experience. And with 4 removable and lockable casters for easy mobility.

  • Convenient Pull-Out Bin:

    4.2-gallon wastebasket capacity holds 400+ sheets of letter paper, and the transparent window makes it easy to see when to empty the bin.

4s16 mirco cut office shredder


Jam-Proof System


Full Bin Reminder


Basket Type

Pull-out Bin
Noise Features
55 dB
Auto Start/Stop
Yes - Electronic
Cut Size 

5/64X25/64 inches

Item H x W x D(inches)



21 lb



Shred Ability
Staples, Credit Cards, Paper Clips & Junkmail


United States
2-5 business days
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Why Consumers Choose It


What is the bonsaii ever shred 6-sheet micro-cut speed per minute? how does this shredder compare to the bonsaii cross-cut speed?
The shred speed of this machine(4S16) is 2.2m/min. The difference between micro-cut and cross-cut is the Shred size. The safety of a micro-cut shredder is higher than a cross-cut shredder.
Does this unit require oiling?
In order to prolong its lifetime, we recommend to lubricate the shredder with a professional shredder lubricant sheet or oil once every 30 minutes of accumulative shredding or at least twice a month.
Model 4s16 do credit/debit cards go thru a paper slot or a cd slot?
Assuming your cards are plastic, it's best to use the CD slot to avoid the shredded plastic contaminating the shredded paper. Keep in mind that the CD shredder feature may produce larger pieces compared to shredded paper.
What does a P-5 high-security rating mean?
Shredders are rated P-1 to P-7 based on shred size, i.e., on how easily the fragments can be reconstructed. The output of P-7 shredders cannot be reconstructed. P-4 shredders are the standard cross-cut home shredder and should be secure unless you are facing a very motivated antagonist. P-5 shredders produce shreds that are several times smaller than those from a P-4 shredder and would be useful for those who have a legal or contractual obligation to securely destroy records with personally identifiable information (HIPAA, say). The fragments from a P-5 are exceedingly small, smaller than confetti.
6-8 sheet P-5 high security micro-cut shredder  60-minute continuous running  4.2-gallon convenient pull-out bin
60-minute Continuous Running Time This Micro-cut paper shredder can keep working up to 60-minute and just need 10-minute to be cooled down, which is a perfect choice for your team to shred junk mail, tax form, bills, CDs or DVDs, etc.
Multipurpose Shredder Office shredder can easily destroy paper as well as credit cards, CD/DVD, clips and staples.
Super P-5 Micro-Cut Shredder Shred paper into 5/64X25/64 inches unreadable particles with this micro-cut shredder. German confidentiality standard destroy the sensitive information to avoid leaving privacy.
4.2 Gallons Pull-out Basket Convenient pull-out bin with a transparent semi-window for less frequent emptying and make it easy to see when should empty the bin.Possessed with a 0.37-gallon separate small basket for CD/DVD and credit card pieces collection.
55dB Low Noise Level 55 dB ultra-low noise design,no annoyance and disturbing while talking with others at work.
Advanced Jam Proof System With auto-start and manual-reverse function,the shredder machine will sense and stop shredding if you put too much paper into the paper slot and protect you from the frustration of paper jams.
Easy and safe operation The motor works automatically once the sensor detects your papers or credit cards. Overheating and overloading protection with LED light indicators, more intelligent than ever.


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