How to choose a paper shredder?

Paper shredders now are widely usud in business as the awareness and concerns of avoiding identity theft and business information leak is increasing among people. As time goes, shredders now have been improved with security and safety features. And these features will aid you in choosing the right shredder that meets your needs.
Here are some factors that you should consider when choosing a shredder:

Security Level

Try a shredder with Low Security Level: A strip-cut paper shredder cuts a standard letter size paper into about 40-50 strips. This type of paper shredder normally turns documents into strips, content of documents might be readable by simply piecing them together. Strip-cut was the original style of shredder and offers the lowest level of security. It is better to shred junk mails rather than confidential documents. Strip-cut shredders are sometimes less expensive than other types of shredders. So you if you just want to dispose of junk mails and no need of destroying confidential documents, this type of shredders could be a perfect choice.

Consider a mid-level security shredder which is called cross cut shredder, and it is the most popular type of shredders nowadays. If offers a higher security-level than strip cut shredders. A standard letter size paper is typically shredded into more than 200 small square pieces. It is hard to retrieve confidential documents  from these confetti-like pieces. This is ideal for disappearing sensitive information like bank account and credit card numbers. Sincere the shreds by a cross-cut shredder are too small, so you can empty the shredder bin less often without it posing a security risk.

Upgrate to a high-level security shredder. A micro-cut paper shredder offers the highest level of security level. This is the best type of shredder if you need to destroy highly sensitive and confidential documents. A standard letter size paper can be cut in to amost countless pieces.

Whether you are going to buy a strip-cut, cross-cut or micro cut shredder, there are offordable options. Although micro-cut shredders are relatively more expensive, you can find smaller version that is good for personal use at around $100.

Good Features

  • Low-noise design: Pick a shredder that runs quietly not only for making your shredding experience smooth, but will also show your care to your family members or colleagues.
  • Shredding capacity: Find out how many sheets of paper a shredder can handle at once. And it will always be right to choose a shredder with a slightly higher shredding capacity than you normally use.
  • Anti-jam technology: If you are feeding one or many documents into the shredder than the manual recommends, there is the potential for a paper jam. Anti-jam features help to limit this problem and reduce unnecessary frustration. 
  • Overheating&Overloading warning: This feature is vital for protecting the motor of your shredder and extending its lifespan. The duty of overheating safety sensor is to monitor the heat level of the motor, to prevent permanent damage. So, when we shred continuously on paper shredder the motor gets overheated, for the safety and prevent damage to the motor it stops working until it cools down.
  • Safety Feature:  Some shredders have sensors that stop the shredder if hands or other items come too close to the opening. Safety features are important if you have children or animals, it eliminates any possible physical injurys.