How to oil your shredder?

After working for a while, we will find that the paper shredder will be louder than when it was just bought, and even feel that the machine is not more efficient than before.


As a matter of fact, these situations remind us that we should take care of the shredder.The OIL SHORTAGE !Just like the electric appliances, we all need to properly maintain the machine to make it last longer and work more efficient. So, how to add oil to the shredder correctly?


Don’t think it’s difficult to add oil.It’s easy as ABC!


I will introduce two ways to use it. You can choose one of them for regular maintenance!


The first method,dropping the lubricant oil to the cutter surface through the paper inlet.After few second when the oil spreads lightly,turning on the power and reversing the shredder about 10-15 seconds to spread to all parts of the cutter. Finally, shredding a few sheets of paper to wipe off excess oil from the tool surface.


The second method is to prepare two sheets of A4 paper, and to pour some lubricant oil on the surface of the paper with a “Z” pattern. Ensure that the lubricant oil spread evenly,then take 2-3 sheets of A4 paper and place it on the paper impregnated with lubricant; Finally, put these paper into the paper inlet of the shredder,and start to shred. In the meanwhile, the lubricating oil absorbed by the cutter.


Of course, you can shred a few more papers later to absorb the excess lubricating oil and prevent the lubricating oil from dripping into the paper drum.


Here, I recommend using the second method! Because the second application method can make our lubricant drip more evenly.


Note: The paper shredder with oil supply system can use the lubricant after referring to the specific reference manual.